Unemployment Among Youth, Lebanon
Even though we have a lot of educated and talented youth, who have graduated from the top prestigious universities, they are actually suffering from unemployment. The government does not have offices for unemployment where they manage the labor force or compensate for the unemployed. This is causing a lot of brain drainage in Lebanon where a lot of bright minds are traveling to work overseas instead of benefitting their country with their knowledge.
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Job Opportunities for Lebanese Citizens.
There is an Instagram account @Jobsforlebanon, that is helping the fight against unemployment among the Lebanese youth in the Middle East.  They provide jobs, advice, and opportunites for the youth through their online job platform for Recruiters to post jobs and hire from, and for candidates to find jobs and apply to.
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Great! I found out it is actually a website where they help people to find jobs: https://www.jobsforlebanon.com/
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