About us

We believe that everyone can create social change!

Our mission is to make this fight for human rights accessible, easy and effective.

The Supervisory Board

Gert-Jan Geerinckx
Gert-Jan is the treasurer of the supervisory board. With his immense scaling experience for Tesla and his position as a director of operations change management for EV-Box, he has what it takes to help HeartB to the next level!
Abdul Sheikh Salem
Abdul is the secretary and development advisor. With his roots in Syria, he understood the value of HeartB from the first moment he spoke with Suzanne in 2019. Abdul is studying Web-Development and contracted as a developer at Talmark. He dances Lindyhop!
Hilal Krai
Hilal is the chairman. With her experience as a board member of a Moroccan foundation, her critical thinking, MSc in Bussines Communication and Digital Media and bachelors in Arabic, she strengthens the HeartB board. Hilal is a hardworking woman, working two jobs in the social field.

Our HeartB Heroes:

Suzanne Lugthart
Suzanne is the founder of HeartB. She studied Cultural Anthropolgy and Middle Eastern Studies and her mission in life is to empower people for human rights change.
Marco Kooistra
Advisory board. Marco is much more than a financial advisor for HeartB. He is the director of Lupa Company, a company for financial administration.
Faleha Ubeis
Advisory Board. Faleha is the advisor on marketing and Iraq as a director of Sabisk, a company helping out Iraq with trade and education.
Hussein Bitar
Because of Hussein HeartB has this great pitch deck, that you can find below! Besides his design skills he wrote his bachelor research to HeartB’s human resources.
Ayman Rifai
Ayman is the most enthusiastic marketing volunteer. Working hard next to his studies in business administration and in the weekends dedicated to HeartB.
Rewan Mohammed Ali
Rewan is an enthusiastic developer, who is always ready to help out with anything.
Tom Lugthart
Tom is a great marketeer. He wrote the marketing report and will be helping with SEO and advertisements.
Pola Mankaryous
Pola did a great job in writing and researching the general terms and agreements.
Wietske Boskma
Wietske supports HeartB in many ways! Examples are the user research, project management and event organisation! (Norway)
Nedal Mahmood
Nedal is an ethical hacker, helping HeartB to stay safe!
Sabine Meulhof
Sabine is a strategic communication professional that thinks ahead of everything!
Rasul Hassan
Creative developer helping out where and whenever he can.

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Yousif Al Shewali
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Ayman al Rifai
Antoine Bou Dames

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